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Popular Excursions In The Cayman Islands

Posted on March 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Cayman Islands are positioned around 500 miles to the west of Jamaica. These Islands are recognized as a British dependent territory that are nestled in the turquoise and calm water of the Caribbean Sea. The area is made of 3 main islands with an area of about 100 square miles. When visiting this fantastic vacation destination there are numerous excursions to take advantage of. Below are three of the popular choices on offer.

Cayman Islands Rum Distillery And Brewery Tour Including Seven Mile Beach

Enjoy a beer and rum tasting tour and then relax on the world renowned Seven Mile Beach. The tour is conducted over 4 hours with a local and friendly guide. When visiting the distillery you will be educated on the distillation process of rum and get to taste a couple of the varieties. The tour then moves onto the brewery to view how beer is brewed where you will be able to choose 4 varieties that you would like to taste. The final stop of the tour is at the Royal Palms Beach Club located on Seven Mile Beach.

Stingray City Experience That Includes 2 Snorkeling Stops

This tour allows you to experience the popular Stingray City as well as snorkeling at the Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef. The excursion includes a 3 hour tour where you can interact with extremely gentle creatures. The tour includes snorkel equipment so that you can easily explore the beautiful underwater world that is full of coral and marine life.

Grand Cayman Jet Ski Tour

This excursion provides a way to ride your very own Jet Ski across the Caribbean waters onto Stingray City Sandbar where you can view a variety of stingrays. The tour then moves onto the Barrier Reef where you are able to snorkel .This extremely active tour takes place over 2 and half hours that combines 3 aquatic activities into one excursion.