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Top Activities To Do In Grand Cayman Island

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Grand Cayman Island is a British Territory that is sometimes considered part of the Caribbean but can more accurately be described as being in between the Southern edge of Mexico and the western part of the Caribbean (south of Cuba). Known mainly through movies and TV shows pointing out its extremely loose banking laws and as a corporate tax haven, two things true in real life, the truth is that the Grand Cayman Island thrives off of its tourism which stands in comparison to all the most popular spots throughout the Caribbean. Read on to learn some of the best activities you can enjoy in the Caymans.

Visit 7-Mile Beach
True to its name, this long seven mile long beach is not only remarkable for its size but for several years now it has been considered one of the very best beaches in all of the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters, bright white soft sand, and a wide array of bars, hotels, and restaurants up and down the beach make this an ideal place to visit. There are even several spots where first time snorkelers will find the perfect shallow areas to practice while seeing an incredible array of vibrant wildlife.

Stingray City
Just the name makes you kind of want to visit, doesn’t it? Almost certainly the most popular site of any of the Cayman Islands, Stingray City is a shallow sand bar with a heavy population of stingrays where you can swim and interact with them naturally. You can take a boat trip to get there. Listen to the guides who give basic instructions on how to interact and this is a safe and wonderful experience.

The Turtle Farm
The Cayman Turtle Farm is a full 23 acres in size and features an incredible “super lagoon” of saltwater containing over 1.3 million gallons of water and where you can interact with all types of local animals. Snorkel, interact, and learn about the history of these islands and in particular the large population of sea turtles native to the area.

You not only get to enjoy the living history of the animal interactions but you can catch delicious meals off in the side restaurants for genuine Caribbean fare. Since you’re close by, you mine as well visit the nearby Cayman Motor Museum afterwards, which is located just a stone throw away and is one of the finest museums on the island.

Interesting & Popular Museums
There are plenty of them. The aforementioned Cayman Motor Museum is a great one, really diving into an interactive feel for how various motors and early motor bikes work, and the ingenuity of early designs is on full display. The National Museum in Georgetown is all about the history of not only the Grand Cayman Island but the other Cayman Islands, as well. The National Gallery displays local art from some of the most popular artists in the area, and this is just scratching the surface.

These are just a few of the many attractions that visitors can enjoy on a Grand Cayman Island vacation!